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Team Contacts

Please communicate with all listed contacts for each team.
Please send an email to [email protected] if a phone number is required for contact.

If contact info is missing for your opponent, please reach out to the Club Rep to get in touch. Club reps can be found here:


Fall 2020 Calvert/Boys/Strutt [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Calvert/Thunder/Stefano [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Celtic/Lightning/Mertins [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Celtic/South/Terry [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020
Coppermine/Premier I/Boudoush[email protected] 
Fall 2020Coppermne/Premier/Deuber[email protected] 
Fall 2020Coppermine/Elite/Diaz[email protected] 
 Fall 2020 Coppermine/EliteII/Coello[email protected][email protected]
Fall 2020 Frederick/White/Staley [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Freedom/EliteRed/Libber [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 LFCIA/Central/Ballo [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 LFCIA/Central/Ballo2 [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 LFCIA/Central/Clarke [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020MDU[email protected]
Fall 2020 Pasadena/Fusion/Parker [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Pasadena/UnionDena/Faust [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Rush/AcademyBlue/Senna [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierBlue/Sancho-Davila [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierBlue/Sipkoff [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/Flores [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/Sancho-Davila [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/Sipkoff [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/UnitedBlue/Bagrosky [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/UnitedBlue/Machuga [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/UnitedGold/Yarosh [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/UnitedWhite/Hukmani [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/Green/Coppola [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/White/Coppola [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Thunder/Athletico/Quinteros [email protected] [email protected]


Fall 2020 Arundel/AzzurriBlues/Brimmer [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Arundel/GirlPower/Oliver [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Arundel/RoyalBlues/Narron [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 CITY/Black/Smithson [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Pasadena/Wolfpack/Kiniry [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Pasadena/Zeruto [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Rush/AcademyWhite11/DeWitt [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Rush/AcademyWhite12/DeWitt [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierBlue/French [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierBlue/Garcia [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierBlue/Wrede [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/Ditter [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/French [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/PremierWhite/Wrede [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SAC/UnitedBlue/Marchegiano [email protected] [email protected],
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/FORCEGreen/Cover [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/FORCEWhite/Cover [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/GreenHornets/Ford [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 SevernaPark/SelectWhite/Phillips [email protected] [email protected]
Fall 2020 Thunder/Dynamo/Khouri [email protected] TBD